DLANC Advocates for an Improved Spring Street Park

Spring Street Park opened to much fanfare on June 17, 2013, providing much needed green space in the Historic Core....

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DLANC Demands Enforcement to Curb Permit Abuse

In response to recent illegal closures of sidewalks for private events, DLANC submitted a letter to City officials and departments demanding change. ...

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DLANC Advocates for Increased Safety at Metro Stations and Trains

DLANC submitted a letter to Metro demanding improvements in safety. Specifically, DLANC requested that Metro do each of the following to protect the public, increase safety, reduce liability, and improve ridership:...

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DLANC Advocates for a Moratorium on Jaywalking Crackdowns

In response to receiving numerous complaints from its stakeholders regarding the LAPD’s practice of unfairly targeting and citing pedestrians in Downtown Los Angeles......

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DLANC Presents "Vision Downtown"

The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) has become the first neighborhood council to have sought and secured the resources to map its own future.  Presenting "Vision Downtown"


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The mission of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) is to unite the diverse communities of Downtown Los Angeles and to provide an innovative forum for all community stakeholders to contribute to a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive Downtown.

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