Chair: Patricia Berman

The Board of Directors meeting is the monthly meeting of all elected DLANC board members

Chair: Patricia Berman

The executive board is compromised of five elected DLANC members 

Chair: Amara Mia Ononiwu

The Outreach and Communication Committee exists to inform the public about and involve the public in the activities of the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council.

Chair: Robert Newman

The bylaws and rules committee manages the bylaws and standing rules of DLANC. The bylaws are the legal structure of the organization and the standing rules are the "instructions and protocols" of the organization.

Chair: Robert Newman

The elections committee is tasked with helping organize the city-run elections for new DLANC council members.

Chair: Beverly Christiansen

The Budget and Finance Committee is concerned with the budgeting and spending of DLANC funds

Chair: Dan Curnow

The Livability Committee oversees Parks, Recreation and Open Space, Sustainability, and Mobility.

Chair: Nate Johnson

The Government Liasison Committee is concerned with issues going to LA City Council, items requiring a CIS, health and safety issues, and economic development.

The Committee normally meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:30PM in the DLANC Meeting Room (529 S. Broadway). 

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