Farida Amar

Candidate Board Position: 

Farida studied mass communication and worked in advertising for five years in both the United States and Europe before realizing that she prefers interpersonal communication to giant international work in the media. “You live and you learn, and then you adapt,” says Farida. In 2010 Farida launched SPACE, a communication arts collaborative. SPACE does what Farida calls “communication art research” using multimedia installations and the physical building of sensory enhanced atmospheres to explore what it means to co-exist in this lifetime.In 2011 Farida wrote her first social theory called Strategic Destruction, which led to the opening her first business, Comfort Zone Killer LLC. CZK focuses on industrial design projects as conversation pieces or alternative solutions for limitations of space, time and money for people she identifies as “Born Creators.” CZK now includes a variety of independently branded projects, including Unraveled, an apparel project for independent music.

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