Scott Bytof

Candidate Board Position: 

Downtown Los Angeles is transforming before our eyes. DLANC has been instrumental in projects including filming policy, Art Walk, Bringing Back Broadway, the Skid Row 3 on 3 Basketball League and Spring Street Park.

With government resources constrained, engaged and well represented communities can halp determine priorities. The future of Downtown is in the hands of the people that live, work and play here.

As an alternate and board member on DLANC, I have served on the planning committee, held the position of Treasurer and serve as one of the Mayor’s 36 NC Budget Advocates. This experience has enabled me to get a better understanding of how things are accomplished in the city.

I would be honored to have your support to take what I have learned, and continue to push South Park and Downtown forward as the South Park Resident Director of DLANC.

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