Arts Cultural and Education

Qualifications to run:

Stakeholders who are at least 18 years of age with proof of interests from organizations but not limited to nonprofit educational institutions, museums, cultural institutions and organizations, preservation societies and organizations, faith-based organizations, and nonprofit entertainment venues.

Qualifications to vote:

Stakeholders who are at least 16 years of age with arts, cultural, and educational interests within the DLANC boundaries.

Number of Seats: 

Matthew James Pryke

I have served on DLANC for over a year and for the last five months as an Area wide Art Director (ACE). I am seeking a second term to bring my dreams for Downtown Los Angeles to fruition, which includes securing funding for local art projects, local artists and non profits that serve the artistic needs of the community, including the homeless.

Edgar Varela

I have lived and owned a business in downtown Los Angeles for over 10 years and have served on multiple boards to serve our community. I specialize in Arts, Music & Culture with an emphasis on marketing and event production.

Farida Amar

Farida studied mass communication and worked in advertising for five years in both the United States and Europe before realizing that she prefers interpersonal communication to giant international work in the media. “You live and you learn, and then you adapt,” says Farida. In 2010 Farida launched SPACE, a communication arts collaborative.

Casey J Dadey

For 5 years I have called DTLA my home. This past year I served as an alternate on the executive board of DLANC. I also devoted my time to the Arts and the Outreach Committees. I have several projects under my belt with DLANC, and there is still more to accomplish. Lets make the world a better palce. #DTLA #caseycares


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