Central City East Resident

Qualifications to run:

Resident (tenant and homeowner) who is at least 18 years of age and who occupies his/her own dwelling within the Central City East area within the DLANC boundaries.

Qualifications to vote:

Stakeholders who are at least 16 years of age and reside within the Central City East area within the DLANC boundaries.

Number of Seats: 

Jacques Darrow Carr


Eric Jarod Ellis (pending)

As an african american male resident of Los Angeles, I want a seat on the historic cultural neighborhood council within the arts district. I feel my election would not only empower myself but the represented community advisory link. As a ten year tenant anniversary approaches, my successful candidacy could prove a worthwhile project as it pertains to making a better community!

Ron J. Smith

Skidrow was once billed as the largest open-air drug market in the world. It’s time we change that to the largest “successful” recovery community in the world.

General Jeff

I, General Jeff, have publicly served my fellow skid row residents for 6 years on DLANC. I have voluntarily served even longer as a community activist in skid row to improve the conditions for us who live here. Some of my accomplishments include: “The Gladys Park Improvement Project” which brought the NIKE basketball court, chess tables and fitness equipment. I’m a member of the skid row 3-on-3 street ball league. I ended the “Overnight Guest Fees” in all the SRO Housing Units.
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