DLANC Demands Enforcement to Curb Permit Abuse

In response to recent illegal closures of sidewalks for private events, DLANC submitted a letter to City officials and departments demanding change.  Some of the closures resulted in the complete blockage of building access and driveways, regardless of existing ADA protections. 

1. Compliance Required: Event organizers and individuals affiliated with the permitted event must comply with the provisions of the permit at all times.

2. Right to Inspect: The public has the right to inspect the permit upon request.

3. Right to Access: Where building or driveway access is impacted by the permit, those who have a lawful right to enter the building and use the driveway must be able to do so without harassment or undue delay.

4. Compensatory Fairness: Where the Right to Access must be encumbered, affected residents (renters or condo owners) should be financially compensated.

5. Courtesy: Event organizers and individuals affiliated with the permitted event must treat the public and the location with courtesy and refrain from using lewd or offensive language.

6. Security Attire: Security personnel hired to secure the permitted event are prohibited from wearing law enforcement uniforms.

7. ADA: Access for disabled persons must be preserved. This includes, where appropriate, maintaining minimum walkway requirements to allow disabled persons reasonable access to their dwelling. In addition, where loading zones and parking spaces near residential buildings are removed due to a permitted event, event organizers must provide at least one area large enough for a paratransit vehicle to accommodate loading and unloading of disabled persons.

8. Bus Stop Closures: Closure of bus stops should be minimized. If a closure is necessary, then the bus stop must be relocated at a reasonable distance, but in no event may such relocation be more than 1,000 feet. If relocated, signs directing bus riders to the relocated bus stop must be posted.

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