The Downtown Bike Network is Expanding!

DLANC is pleased to announce that our DTLA neighborhoods are about to become even more connected and bike-friendly...
Bike lanes are coming soon, within the next three months, to segments of 1st Street, Los Angeles Street, and Main Street, better connecting the Historic Core and Civic Center to Union Station and Olvera Street. The Main Street portion, from Cesar Chavez to 9th Street, will carry you north, completing the "couplet" of the north-south bike backbone already started with the bike lane on Spring Street last year.

Bike lanes are also coming to Olive Street and Grand Avenue from 7th Street to Washington late this summer. They will form a north-south "couplet" like Spring and Main.

Attached are info flyers on the bike lanes that are coming soon to make DTLA even more bike and pedestrian friendly.

For more information, please visit the LADOT Bike Blog:

Also, please join us for an Open House to see even more information on the Downtown Bike Network. Also on hand will be an array of city departments and transportation agencies to offer info on the connections between different public transit modes that form a complete active transportation network, and the fantastic civic projects, amenities, and cultural adventures that await downtown visitors.

What: Downtown Bike Network Open House
When: Wednesday, May 30th, 5pm to 8pm
Where: Aiso Plaza at Judge John Aiso Street & 1st Street

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 2:30pm
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