After months of vandalism and graffiti attacks, one segment of the lovely City owned pedway connecting the WTC to the Bunker Hill Plaza area has been "taken back."  A DLANC/Council District sponsored campaign to bring together all the concerned forces finally got BID to patrol, Essex Management (Bunker Hill Apartments) to trim trees and set up surveillance cameras, and a very amazing new graffiti abatement team hired by the City ("GangFree" or GAP) to do a great job of cleaning and restoring. A "win" gives some teeth to DLANC's effectiveness in the neighborhood, and it's bringing together neighbors for other concerns as we meet every Saturday morning for coffee and chatter.

The amazing Neighborhood Council Congress at City Hall that met at the beginning of October  gave support to the idea that positive change only comes with a lot of work.  A lobbyist there admitted that badgering pays off and that's just what we did, and plan to do in the future. 

Judith Hanson, Bunker Hill

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 2:15pm
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